Looks like the honeymoon phase is officially over for these love birds.

In a sneak-peek video of episode 16 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) abruptly ends her overnight date with the handsome doctor, Maj. Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod). This comes as a surprise to fans of the hit ABC medical drama after seeing how smoothly the duo’s low-key, fast-food date went in the previous Season 12 installment.

During their dinner date in Will’s car, the two appeared to be enjoying themselves as they swapped surgical stories and nibbled on fries. In fact, Meredith appeared so comfortable with her new beau that she even stalled when Will finally dropped her off at her house. But, eventually, Meredith did go home — along with her new suitor.

In the sneak-peek video of episode 16, titled “When It Hurts So Bad,” it is revealed that Will wound up spending the night at Mer’s place. But Will and Meredith didn’t celebrate their first morning together with coffee and eggs. Instead, Meredith forcefully kicks Will out of her bedroom with screams, which ends up alarming her sisters.

“What is going on?” Maggie (Kelly McCreary) asks Will, who was just pushed out of Meredith’s room with barely a stitch of clothing. “Why is she screaming? What did you do?”

Will explains they were sleeping when all of a sudden Meredith woke up screaming at him to leave, which is what he did without any shirt or shoes.

“Just for the record, I didn’t do anything,” Will says with sincerity.

So, if Will didn’t do anything, then what happened? Well, considering Will is the first man to pique Meredith’s interest since the death of Derek (Patrick Dempsey), maybe the newly single mom is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder or feeling guilty. After all, McDreamy’s death was traumatic, and it would be extremely normal for Meredith to run into some sort of trouble waking up to a man other than Derek for the first time.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT.