Meredith’s suffering has only just begun. According to reports, Ellen Pompeo’s character will encounter a situation so gruesome, it’ll leave viewers with wide eyes and dropped jaws when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns with its midseason 12 premiere in February.

"It's up there with the worst of it," Sarah Drew revealed to E! Online during ABC’s Winter Press Tour on Saturday, trying to put into perspective just how intense the upcoming installment (directed by Denzel Washington) will be. "It's really high because also, she is totally powerless in the midst of it. I think that probably is the most terrifying piece of it for her."

During the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Kelly McCreary, who stars in the series as Meredith’s half-sister Maggie, teased some startling scoop behind Mer’s attack — one that’ll leave her struggling to breathe in the premiere.

“Meredith gets attacked by someone you would least expect and it is just as terrifying, shocking and harrowing as it appears,” McCreary dished to Entertainment Weekly.

So can Meredith — who managed to survive fiery plane crashes, deadly bomb explosions and the heartbreaking death of her husband (Patrick Dempsey) — make it out alive one last time? Well, James  Pickens Jr., who plays Dr. Weber on the long-running ABC series, revealed that Mer’s fate will lie in the hands of her Grey Sloan family.

According to the actor, Mer’s terrifying accident will unify the scrub-sporting surgeons, making them realize “how much of a family Seattle Grace really is.” The incident will also have the doctors to put aside their differences with one another to “come together for the common good, which, “in this case, it’s saving her life basically,” he added.

Will Dr. Weber and the Grey Sloan gang be able to save Meredith? Sound off in the comments section with your theories (and check out ours here) before Season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” returns with its winter premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.