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'Grand Theft Auto V' launched in 2013. The 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise has been at the center of violent video game controversies for nearly two decades. Rockstar Games

Despite the game developers’ silence about the allegedly incoming sequel to the currently popular title “GTA 5,” fans are still holding high hopes for “GTA 6,” which is believed to come in the near future. Rockstar may be silent about it alright, but a new report claims that its parent company has hinted a release for another gaming system.

According to the Express, Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive has hinted that many of its future titles might be released to Google’s game streaming platform, Stadia. The claim reportedly came from Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick who said they “are very optimistic” about the idea of game streaming technology.

Zelnick expressed his excitement for Google’s game streaming platform at a recent company earnings call. He was asked about his thoughts regarding Take-Two producing games and content for sharing products such as the Google Stadia.

“With regards to streaming technology and what it could mean for us, we're very optimistic about the notion of streaming technology, bringing our titles to consumers who currently don't have access to them,” Zelnick explained.

“And the promise of being able to sign on to a service, you with virtually no barriers without a box in between and being able to play our games on any device whatsoever around the world, and to do with low latency. Well, that's, that's very compelling, if that can be delivered,” he added.

Accessible to many

The gaming world was surprised -- and excited -- when Google revealed its plans for the Stadia, a cloud-based service that will allow players to play top-quality video game titles without the need for a pricey game console.

International Business Times previously reported that Stadia would allow players to play their games on any compatible device such as a Chromebook, smartphone, a PC, and then a Chromecast hooked to a TV. IT will be able to stream games at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution with HDR -- without the need for a gaming console.

The Stadia eliminates the need for consumers to purchase high-end gaming devices and systems, allowing more people to play games with state-of-the-art graphics. The only caveat? A strong and reliable internet connection.

More to come, coming to more

Zelnick and Take-Two’s excitement over the Stadia seems to imply that future titles, including “GTA 6,” might come to Google’s game streaming service in the coming years. If and when it does, more players are likely to play it wherever they may be.

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Google Stadia is the latest streaming service from Google but it seems that it is peppered with a lot of issues in the wake of its release. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images