Rockstar Games recently announced the arrival of “Red Dead Redemption 2” in the PC port. A recent interview with some of the developers at the gaming studio also revealed that they are now focused on improving and releasing content for “Red Dead Online.” Interestingly, a Rockstar Games insider claims that the game developer could possibly release “GTA 6” next year along with the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5.

The Sun recently reported that an insider at Rockstar Games, the New York office behind the successful game series, has claimed that the much-awaited title “GTA 6” could ship along with the PlayStation 5. It was only a few days ago when the Japanese gaming console giant officially announced that its next generation gaming console will be released in the holiday of 2020. Meanwhile, the gaming studio has yet to acknowledge that it is indeed developing the next iteration to the popular “Grand Theft Auto” series.

On Twitter, a self-proclaimed Rockstar Games insider named TezFun2 made a huge claim earlier this week about the release date of “GTA 6.” The comment was made last Tuesday at the wake of the announcement of PlayStation 5’s release window. With the PS5 launching in the holiday of 2020, we can safely say that the next title from Rockstar Games is not coming until 2021 or holiday 2020 if they have ample time to finish it, the insider said.

As for the veracity of the claim, we have little information about the tipster’s credentials so, in this case, we treat this one with a barrel of salt. However, it would make sense for the gaming studio to possibly delay the release of “GTA 6” to align with the release dates of the next generation gaming consoles, Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. It would be beneficial for Rockstar to wait for the release of the consoles so it could develop a version of “GTA 6” for both Xbox and PlayStation, says The Sun.

But, it is worth noting that gaming console makers have made it a point to send the console’s dev kit to game developers like Rockstar Games even before they announced the existence of the gaming console. Remember the leaks and earlier claims which mainly came from game developers who have already gotten their hands on the dev kits? Fans are hoping that Rockstar Games will soon announce “GTA 6” and reveal its launch date; after all, the arrival of the next “GTA” installment is long overdue.