Lately, it seems that more and more leaks, rumors, and speculations surrounding “GTA 6” are popping up online. We have read outrageous claims as well as legit-sounding ones. The latest today came from the statement of the actor who played the role of Trevor Phillips in “GTA 5,” and it appears that he has full knowledge of the release date of the much-awaited title.

Daily Star reports about a recent statement from Steven Ogg, the actor that portrayed the role of Trevor Phillips in “GTA 5.” There is something particularly intriguing about the piece of intel that the actor shared. It is something we don’t usually read making rounds online, says the site.

"GTA 5" will come to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this year. Courtesy/Rockstar

According to the report, the actor was asked about “GTA 6” when he was attending the Brazil Game Show. Ogg reportedly replied that the game will be released soon and added that games usually take between 7 to 8 years to develop, so do the math, the site reported. Based on Ogg’s remarks, assuming that the development of “GTA 6” started in 2018, the release window could fall in 2025 or 2026.

Of course, we do not really know when Rockstar Games started developing “GTA 6” or if the sixth iteration to the successful “Grand Theft Auto” series was indeed being developed. Our assumption is also based on the claims of the former Rockstar Games developer, who claimed to be involved in the development of two major titles. It could be released earlier than out assumed date or later, considering that the start of game development is variable at this point.

However, many fans are doubting that Steven Ogg has legit information regarding the release date of the “GTA 6.” A popular Rockstar Games leaker named Yann2295 believes that the actor was simply guessing because he would not be allowed to talk about it if he knew the details. But, it is also possible that the actor has legit information about the upcoming game but only given vague details about the release date.

The actor’s statement is in no way an indication that it is official. It might be a way to hype up the heavily speculated “GTA 6.” Whatever the case, we hope Rockstar Games would make some exciting announcements about “GTA 6” very soon.