• Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed "GTA 6" is in development
  • A new "GTA 5" for PS5 trailer was officially launched on Sept. 9
  • "GTA 5: Enhanced Edition" is scheduled to release sometime in March 2022

American video games publisher and developer Rockstar Games may have teased "GTA 6" in the latest video of "GTA 5: Enhanced Edition," which was launched at the PlayStation Showcase.

Sony's PlayStation Showcase featured the upcoming next-generation consoles version of "GTA 5: Enhanced Edition" with a trailer. The game will reportedly be out in March 2022.

This earned the ire of fans and the latest trailer got more than 170,000 downvotes. Fans are also getting impatient over the lack of "GTA 6" news, with some of them crashing a TV show demanding Rockstar Games to announce the game or at least provide an update.

GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out
GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out IBTimes / Jeff Li

Since there is no official "GTA 6" news, fans started scrutinizing the latest "GTA 5" PS5 trailer hoping to find clues for the heavily rumored series' sequel. Some fans spotted a license plate in the new trailer, which they believe has something to do with the period the unannounced "Grand Theft Auto" game is set.

Reddit user docbicep says that in the trailer, a particular vehicle bears the license plate that seemingly suggests "6 is a late 90s" (6ISAL890). For some fans, this teases that "GTA 6" would be set in the late 90s.

One of the reasons why fans are fond of finding out clues or hints about "GTA 6" is because Rockstar Games is known for teasing upcoming games in its current titles. But, until the game developer reveals the settings and plot of the game, this latest claim is nothing more than speculation.

If the unannounced "GTA" title is set in the late 90s, it somehow goes against earlier leaks about its timeline. It was earlier rumored that the next "Grand Theft Auto" installment would be set in modern times.