• Rockstar Games could hold an event at the E3 2021
  • Take-Two Interactive is reportedly attending the all-virtual gaming event
  • A recent job advert from the gaming studio has sparked rumors about "GTA 6"

Speculations surrounding Rockstar Games' next "Grand Theft Auto" installment continue to pop up. Now a new post made by the gaming studio is believed to contain a major clue about the setting of "GTA 6."

Project Americas, a popular "GTA 6" leak, claims that the game would be set in different locations. However, a new job post has fans theorizing that the game could have a modern-day setting.

The job post spotted by GTANews and reported by Dexerto indicates that the gaming studio is in need of a mixed media animator. In the job listing's "What We Do" section, Rockstar Games note that it creates "content for in-game media for our game world to make immersive experiences."

It also mentions working "as a global animation team to provide believable experience to players" and claims to be working on "multiple platforms to create multiple style [sic] of content for in-game media."

Several songs have been removed from “Grand Theft Auto IV” due to expired licenses. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

GTANews believes that in-game media mentioned in the post refers to the websites available within the game world, including multiple TV shows in "GTA," websites like Life Invader or other content to mimic the real world. Based on this, it is likely that the game could feature a modern-day setting where websites could be a part of the in-game media.

Unfortunately, nowhere in the job listing does it mention "GTA 6." And while fans are hoping it could be for the sequel, Rockstar Games could be referring to an entirely different title.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has reportedly confirmed its attendance at the upcoming E3 2021.

This triggered speculations that the gaming studio might announce its new games at the upcoming all-virtual gaming convention. Everybody is guessing that the company's announcement would include the official unveiling of "GTA 6." The said information was recently shared on Twitter by Trevor "TmarTn" Martin.

But there is also a huge possibility that Rockstar Games would instead announce the release date of "GTA 5" Enhanced and Expanded Edition at the E3 2021. The game was announced a few months ago the only thing the developer has to reveal about it is when it plans to launch the hit game's upgraded version.