• E3 2021 is scheduled for June 12-15
  • Major gaming studios and publishers will attend the convention
  • Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that it will be at the E3 2021

Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that it will be at the upcoming E3 2021 event, triggering speculations that the studio might announce its new games, including the highly anticipated "GTA 6," at the major gaming showcase.

On Twitter, user Trevor "TmarTn" Martin confirmed that Take-Two Interactive would be at this year's E3 event. He also asked fans which among Rockstar Games titles would likely be announced at one of the biggest all-virtual games conventions of the year. Of course, "GTA 6" was the top guess of most fans. 

Rockstar Games Logo The Rockstar Games logo with the "Red Dead Redemption" red background. Photo: Rockstar Games

However, there is a huge possibility that the announcement would be the release date of "GTA 5" Enhanced and Expanded Edition since the game was already announced by the gaming studio earlier. CharlieIntel speculated that "potential information about new Rockstar games could be announced at E3 2021's Digital Event after it was confirmed that their parent company Take-Two Interactive would be attending."

These are just speculations at this point and until Take-Two Interactive or Rockstar Games confirm that they are working on "GTA 6," fans should take these rumors and leaks with a grain of salt. "GTA 6" is one of the heavily rumored non-existent games in the industry. And it appears that rumors continue to make rounds online despite the gaming studio's non-confirmation if it is in development.

A few days ago, fans were hopeful again about the game after Rockstar Games had posted a news page for "Red Dead Redemption Online," more specifically about its Naturalist rewards. Oddly, the web page did not contain anything but the number 62005. Those who tried to view the page's contents got the e398 error code.

Fans were quick to speculate that the numbers could be a "GTA 6" reference. Technically, there was nothing on the page that mentioned anything about the much-awaited sequel. And speculations that it could be about "GTA 6" could simply be a product of fans' wishful thinking.

Rockstar Games is currently preparing to release "GTA 5" Enhanced and Expanded Edition. The upcoming game is for next-generation gaming consoles.