• Hackers now targeting "GTA V" players on story mode
  • "GTA V" players being turned into mountains, airplanes
  • Rockstar Games has yet to issue statement on problem

Epic Games is already offering a new game to its members but it appears it has left Rockstar Games with plenty of problems. After offering "Grand Theft Auto 5" last May 14, a large wave of new players took the offer and immediately tried it out. The only problem is that hackers were among the new players that joined, most with malicious intentions. Based on shared experiences by players, it appears it is not only "GTA Online" they are preying on right now.

Hackers doing their dirty work on "GTA Online" is understandable. In a previous post, some complained about getting trapped in cages aside from non-playing characters and objects spawning in unusual places such as on top of them. But it appears that their mischievous deeds are not solely concentrated on online play. Some are now sharing experiences of dealing with unusual things even while they are in story mode.

Some "GTA V" players shared their experiences via comments over at Reddit. Preferring to embark on "Grand Theft Auto 5" missions, some are reporting unusual things like spotting UFOs and giant orange balls rolling down streets. One player shared how he was plying Los Santos and noticed the changes made on story mode. If not addressed, this could become a big problem for "GTA Online" players. Missions will suffer glitches and it may come to a point where players would be unable to access the story.

Hackers causing chaos on "GTA Online" is nothing new but it appears things are getting worse. One player claims that the glitch is caused when a player leaves "GTA Online" and moves to story mode. It appears the unusual objects carry on from there. There are even cases where players are turned into objects themselves. One case saw a player turning into one of the largest mountains in "GTA 5, " Mountain Chiliad. There are even some who alleged they are turned into airplanes.

For now, Rockstar Games has yet to issue a statement on the matter. They have been trying to crack down hackers and modders for some time now, glitches that seem harmless but could affect gameplay. Most will recall how the game servers went down last week, something initially attributed to the large influx of new players. However, it also became the gateway for more hackers, employing mods that further compound the server load. Rockstar Games people are on the situation but it appears these hacks are far from getting resolved.

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