Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes’ Fall Harvest flick, “Falling For You,” premieres on Hallmark Channel Saturday night.

While this will only be the latest in a long list of Hallmark movies for Cole, it’ll be Hynes’ debut on the network. Don’t worry, though, because Hallmark Channel’s already made sure that it definitely won’t be his last. Hynes is set to star with LeAnn Rimes in the network’s holiday film, “It's Christmas, Eve,” during the 2018 Countdown to Christmas event.

Before then, fans have Cole and Hynes’ “Falling For You” to enjoy. Here’s what the movie is all about.

“At the center of the close-knit community is the local radio station, run by Lacey Hathaway (Cole), a young woman who loves the town almost as much as the people who have called it home for decades,” the synopsis reads. “However, forced into action by budget cuts brought about by some new, small town management software that has revealed a shortfall in funds, Lacey has decided on a fundraising “bachelor bake-off,” featuring four of the town’s most eligible bachelors. The winning bidders will not only receive what the bachelor baked, but a date with him as well.”

falling for you hallmark
Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes find love in Hallmark’s “Falling For You.” Crown Media / Bettina Strauss

Businessman Zac Malone (Hynes), whose new program is behind the station’s budget cut, arrives in town to fix the bugs in the program before he can market it to other companies. He decides to stay at a local inn that happens to be run by Lacey’s aunt Patty (Lini Evans), and where Lacey also stays lives in a guest house. The two meet, and while Zac is organized and more serious, Lacey is freer and likes to go with the flow. That gets her into a little bit of trouble as she tries to plan the fundraiser, though, because when one of the bachelors drops out of the competition she has to scramble to fix it.

“Lacey convinces the taciturn and reluctant Zac to be her fourth bachelor and agrees to coach him on the basics of baking,” the synopsis continues. “He, in turn, offers suggestions and support to Lacey on how to make the fundraiser a success. Before long, the mismatched pair begins to recognize their common ground and a nascent, if tentative, romance begins to appear. However, when Zac pulls out of the competition at the last minute, putting his business above the fundraiser, Lacey is certain that they were just not meant to be.”

Even though she accepts that they’re not meant to be together, Lacey’s happy to discover that Zac had something to do with her successful job audition at a national radio program. While she might be starting to come to terms with the situation, Zac realizes during a work presentation that he has strong feelings for Lacey and wants to make it work with her. He needs to figure out a way to win her back, though, or he might lose her forever.

“Falling For You” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.