royal new years eve hallmark cast
Jessy Schram and Sam Page star as Caitlyn and Prince Jeffrey in Hallmark Channel’s “Royal New Year’s Eve.” Crown Media/Ricardo Hubbs

Though Christmas has come and gone, there’s still one new Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie left to premiere, which is tonight’s “Royal New Year’s Eve” with Jessy Schram and Sam Page.

Neither is a Hallmark newbie, with Schram having starred in Hallmark’s “Jane Doe” mystery movie franchise, as well as 2015’s “Harvest Moon” and 2017’s “The Birthday Wish,” and Page having been in “Walking the Dog” earlier this year, “All Things Valentine” last year, as well as Hallmark Movie and Mysteries’ “The Perfect Christmas Present,” also in 2017.

Though part of the Christmas line-up, this new Hallmark flick is heavily focused on New Year’s.

“Aspiring fashion designer Caitlyn (Schram) is an assistant to high-powered fashion magazine editor-in-chief Abigail (Cheryl Ladd),” the synopsis begins. “The magazine prepares to host a fashion show, followed by a New Year’s Eve ball where it is rumored that visiting Prince Jeffrey (Page) will propose to Lady Isabelle (Hayley Sales).”

Abigail wants to kickstart her daughter Leighton’s (Nicole Laplaca) fashion career by having Isabelle wear one of her designs to the ball, and Caitlyn is tasked with helping Abigail and Isabelle plan it all. While doing so, she meets Prince Jeffrey and thinks he’s a messenger, then a waiter, but never a prince.

Later, during the fashion show, Caitlyn wears one of her own designs, and it impresses Isabelle so much that she decide to hire Caitlyn to design her dress for the ball, not Abigail’s daughter, which is why Abigail’s determined to sabotage Caitlyn.

When Caitlyn leaves her phone behind at the event, Jeffrey goes to her apartment to return it and the two decide to go out for coffee where they run into Isabelle and she reveals Jeffrey’s royal status.

“Caitlyn spends time with Jeffrey planning the event,” the synopsis continues. “She opens his eyes to regular life, and he reveals that he sometimes wonders what his life would be life without his royal obligations. Caitlyn and Jeffrey start to fall for each other – Caitlyn confiding in her friend Doris (Crystal Balint) and Jeffrey confiding in his butler Barnaby (Andrew Kavadas).”

Jeffrey’s obligation to marry Isabelle in order to take the throne, keeps the two apart, though Isabelle, at her dress fitting, notices the chemistry between Caitlyn and Jeffrey. She reminds him that Caitlyn doesn’t know his world like she does.

Still trying to take down Caitlyn, Isabelle edits a photo to make it look like Caitlyn copied the dress design, forcing Isabelle to agree to wear Leighton’s design.

Can all of the lies and misunderstandings be fixed before the ball? Will Jeffrey and Caitlin find a way to bridge their two worlds and make a relationship work?

All of the royally romantic answers will be given when “Royal New Year’s Eve” debuts tonight (Dec. 30) at 8 p.m. EST. on Hallmark Channel.