While candy may be what the kids want most on Halloween, there may be a few other ways to let kids get their sugar rush and also express their creative sides as well.

If getting the kids more involved in the kitchen but still having the Halloween spirit is important to you this year, then look no further than these 10 awesome recipes that are not only kid-friendly but also super sweet and definitely still scary enough to keep everyone on their toes this year.

Candy Corn Cupcakes: All it takes to replicate this easy recipe (compliments of Better Homes and Gardens) is some cake mix, food coloring and white frosting, and before you know it, you’ll have a delicious (and significantly larger) version of the classic Halloween treat.

Chocolate Pudding Pie Spiders: These pudding pies, compliments of Lil’ Luna, are sure to be a hit with their delicious insides (even if the outsides, featuring crumbled Oreo cookies, licorice and red candies, are incredibly creepy).

Cobweb Brownies: Looking for something that is super easy but looks amazing? Then these brownies from Delish are sure to be a hit, requiring only some melted marshmallows to get the perfect spiderweb effect.

Ghostly Cupcakes: These haunting cupcakes only look complicated. However, they’re surprisingly easy to make, requiring only some donut holes, rolled fondant and some black icing to make them appear as if they’re floating above all the other treats. Find the recipe at Better Homes and Gardens.

Gooey Monster Cookies: It wouldn’t be a properly scary Halloween without some Monsters in attendance, and these cookies will make sure no one misses the spooky creatures. Lil’ Luna has created a perfect recipe featuring plenty of bright colors and festive candy eyes to make these delicious and creepy cookies a favorite all Halloween.

Graveyard Dirt Cups: For a dessert that is properly scary and spooky, try this simple recipe combining chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo cookies—as well as edible tombstones.

Halloween Witch Hat Cookies: These cute cookies are perfect for kids, requiring no baking and just plenty of creativity to make.

Hocus Pocus Inspired S’mores Pops: If you or someone you know loves “Hocus Pocus,” then these desserts are perfect, especially if introducing some little ones to the amazing treat that is the classic Halloween film.

Mini Donut Spiders: Spiders are an appropriately creepy part of Halloween as well, so it wouldn’t make sense not to honor them in a holiday-themed treat. This recipe, which also doesn’t force kids to actually bake, is super creative, plenty of fun, and will be sure to scare any of the people who think the eight-legged creatures are the scariest things in the world.

Halloween Treats For Kids
Make some fun Halloween treats that are also kid-friendly this Halloween. Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay