• The second director of "Halo Infinite" confirmed that he has "stepped back" from the project
  • Microsoft claims that he is still an employee
  • A new report claims that the director's departure from"Halo Infinite" happened after the release of the game's footage that received ridicule from fans

The second “Halo Infinite” director was reportedly removed from the project following a disappointing gameplay demonstration ridiculed by fans in various social media outfits.

Bloomberg reported that long-time 343 Industries executive and “Halo Infinite” Director Chris Lee left the project. In a statement issued to the publication, Lee confirmed that he had stepped back from “Halo Infinite and is currently looking for future opportunities. In a separate statement, Microsoft said that the executive is still an employee.

Lee joined 343 Industries in 2008 and has served as the head of the studio since 2013. He said that he believes in the team and confident that they will deliver a great game. His recent departure is another blow for “Halo Infinite.”

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite was initially scheduled to be Xbox Series X's launch title. instacodez/flickr

He is the third senior development executive to leave the project in two years. In August last year, Tim Longo was reassigned with Mary Olson, taking charge of the “Halo Infinite” campaign development. Lee was supposed to continue to lead the overall creative production and vision of the project.

In July, 343 Industries released a video of “Halo Infinite” that looked underwhelming and below the fans’ expectations. The footage drew jeers and insults in various social media outfits, especially on Twitter. Several weeks later, Lee confirmed that the Xbox Series X launch title would be delayed until 2021.

Originally, “Halo Infinite” was scheduled to release alongside Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console. After the announcement, Microsoft tasked “Halo” Developer Joe Staten to help with the game’s single-player campaign. Meanwhile, Microsoft Senior Executive Pierre Hintze was tasked to improve “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the former director stepped back from his role several weeks after the announcement of the game’s delayed release. Lee found himself "sidelined" by the arrival of the newly hired executives, the report implied. Windows Central’s Jez Corden on Twitter said that "other major personnel changes coming down the line as well."

Microsoft has not yet announced the new release date of “Halo Infinite” aside from the 2021 release window. There are rumors that the game might not release as one game.