It looks like “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” will get further updates as developer 343 Industries teased the “Infection” multiplayer mode from “Halo 3” for the collection. The “Infection” multiplayer was essentially a “Halo” zombie mode that had players join a team of the living or a team of the undead in a battle for survival.

The announcement was made on the “Halo” Waypoint Blog where it was teased the “Infection” mode might be coming in the next few weeks. So far, no possible changes to the zombie multiplayer mode have been revealed though “Halo” fans may not have to wait long for more information from the developer.

“Infection” proved to be a popular multiplayer mode when it was part of “Halo 3,” so much so that it ended up being part of subsequent“Halo” games. According to a report from GameSpot, “Infection” would return in “Halo: Reach” with some new mechanics, as this time one player starts out with the zombie virus and must spread it to the other players in the game, until only one player is standing. The mode returned in “Halo 4,” but was renamed as “Flood.”

Another feature discussed on the blog was the recently added “Action Sack” playlist, which allows fans to play in several game types from each of the “Halo” games in the “Master Chief Collection.” 343 Industries discussed how successful the playlist has been with fans, which supposedly drew in more players than any previous “Halo” playlist.

The “Action Sack” playlist was introduced in “Halo 2” and has apparently been a fan-favorite since its inception thanks to the different modes of play available. Whether “Infection” joins “Action Sack” or not depends on the developer though it seems possible given the other updates and modes added to the re-release.

343 Industries will also be at Gamescom next week, so fans can expect possible updates on “Infection” hitting the “Master Chief Collection” soon, as well as some “Halo 5” news. “Halo 5” is expected for release sometime this year for the Xbox One.

Halo Reach Infection Gameplay - Boardwalk W/Commentary (Credit: YouTube/TheDupaBrothers)