"The Handmaid's Tale" fans got to see Luke and Serena face off earlier this season, and actor O-T Fagbenle revealed how Luke is feeling after the confrontation.

Season 3, episode 5, which released on Hulu earlier this month, showed Luke bringing baby Nichole to meet Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) at a Canadian airport. It was the first time Luke met Serena, and the episode ended with Luke getting a tape from June (Elisabeth Moss) that explained what he has missed. However, June’s husband hasn’t been seen since the big episode.

Fagbenle spoke to International Business Times about Luke's return, the confrontation with Serena and the idea of getting a new love interest. The British actor is also reportedly set to star in Marvel's "Black Widow" movie, but he wasn't as forthcoming about the new project.

IBT: So we have to talk about episode 5. We rarely see Luke interact with anyone from Gilead. So how was filming with Yvonne?

Fagbenle: Well, over the first couple of seasons, getting to see Yvonne's work, I was just astounded by her. To be honest, I remember the very first read-through and just being like, "Oh my god." She was just so good and such a lovely person. So I was excited to be able to work with such a talent. And it was thrilling, really, because she's very present and generous as an actress and just unpredictable.

IBT: We saw that that visit really changed things for Serena, but do you feel like it changed anything for Luke or how he views the situation?

Fagbenle: I think at the end of it, Luke was kind of reminded about the lack of power he has. I think he probably went in thinking he was holding all the chips, and, by the end of it, he was reminded that, actually, Serena can cause mortal harm to his loved ones. And to that end, he is somewhat subject to their whims. But on the other hand, I guess he's strengthened that he can't do it alone, obviously, and has there'll be strength in numbers if he can join the resistance.

O-T Fagbenle Handmaid's Tale
O-T Fagbenle discussed Luke's feelings after "The Handmaid's Tale" Season 3, episode 5. Hulu/Elly Dassas

IBT: On that tape from June, Luke learns that his wife has feelings for Nick. How is he feeling after hearing that?

Fagbenle: Well, I guess he has to kind of contend with the fact that him and his family are in an awful situation. But what would be more awful would for his wife to have to [carry a] child out of sexual violence. And the child was born out of love. Of course, under most circumstances, it wouldn't be a consolation. But under these, he has to understand that, I guess, it will be some relief to know that his wife has some joy, some love, some light in her life.

IBT: So do you think we'll ever see Luke start to move on and develop feelings for someone else? Or is his heart just always going to be trying to get June out of Gilead?

Fagbenle: I will complain to the writers if there's any significant [other]. I mean, I guess, who knows? I guess people have to try, and so I wouldn't object to Luke trying. But I think the kind of personality he is and also the amount of guilt and responsibility he feels for the current situation would make it all but impossible for him to move on.

IBT: What’s the most challenging part of playing Luke?

Fagbenle: I guess it's the same biggest challenge of being Luke, which is that he's so ineffectual in so many ways. It's that his biggest antagonist, which is the Gilead regime, is very hard to fight against. Where he gets to be effectual is in the margins very often. I mean, this is why I really enjoyed this season in particular because having Nichole has given me/Luke, something quite tangible to contend with.

O-T Fagbenle Handmaid's Tale
O-T Fagbenle doesn't believe his "Handmaid's Tale" character will find love again. Emily Assiran

IBT: We don't see Luke for quite a few episodes after he meets Serena. Can you tease anything about what's happening next time we see him this season?

Fagbenle: Let me say that when you see him next, he definitely makes, you know, he comes in with a bang.

IBT: That was nice and vague. Speaking of things you have to be vague about, I'm sure you can't say much about joining "Black Widow," but are you a big Marvel fan?

Fagbenle: Well, as it goes, I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in ‘Black Widow.’... I think it's just a really thrilling idea. I think, in a way, it's our new pantheon of stories. The Greeks and the Romans had their stories of these great gods with these superpowers, which mix with mortals. And I feel that Marvel has provided our secular world with our own stories, our own pantheon.

IBT: Being that "Handmaid's Tale" is such a dark show, do you try and look for lighter roles in between seasons?

Fagbenle: Yeah. I mean, I guess to some extent, I do. But most importantly, I'm trying to get in work that inspires me and work which is with other artists that I think are brilliant at what they do. So that's my main inspiration. But yeah, I think I'm going to be doing some comedy soon. So that's the right, slight tonal switch from "Handmaid's."

New episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 3 release Wednesdays on Hulu.