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Google has kicked off the holidays with its new festive Google Doodle complete with flashing lights and a rendition of Jingle Bells.

The first holiday doodle went live in the U.S on Dec.23, when Google's G was replaced by a snowflake, its first O by Santa Claus, its second O by a bell, its second G by a snowman, its L by a candle and its E' by a present.

At three O'clock Eastern Time the doodle changed in the U.S to another festive display of flashing lights, which launched into Jingle Bells when a cursor is dragrf across the different colored lights.

Google has been getting creative this holiday season first releasing the Let it snow Easter Egg that fills users screens with snowflakes. Try it: Google Let it Snow.

Google Doodles were launched in 1998 when Google web developers started playing with Google's original logo. Founders Larry and Sergey placed a stick figure drawing behind the second O to indicate their attendance at the Burning of the Man festival in the Nevada dessert.

Two years later a doodle was developed to celebrate St Bastille Day, which marked the beginning of the doodle platform that continued commemorate special dates and events throughout the global calendar. Now the Doodle team has created over 1,0000 Google Doodles over the years.