Google celebrated the leap year, which occurs every four years, and Gioachino Antonio Rossini's birthday with a new two-in-one doodle.

The frog-adorned doodle celebrates both the leap year and 220th birthday of the Italian composer Rossini.

The doodle shows four leaping amphibians - since leap year and days are usually associated with frogs – standing in front of the Google logo in different positions.

Google Doodle Celebrates Leap year and Gioachino Antonio Rossini's birthday (Google)

The two-in-one frog doodle is inspired by Rossini’s famous 1816 comic opera, The Barber of Seville (Il Barbiere di Siviglia). One of the most famous operas, it was produced on Feb. 20, 1816, at the Teatro Argentina in Rome. The story revolves around a Spanish count Almavivia who falls in love with Rosine, a young lady of noble birth, and her guardian Dr. Bartholo who intends to marry her. He is against Almavivia and Rosine's alliance. Figaro, the barber, assists the lovers and the story ends happily in the marriage of Almavivia and Rosine.

The frogs in the doodle have been associated with the term leap year. Of the four frogs, one plays the piano and the soprano is the only one leaping. The barber in the scene is Figaro and the frog getting a shave is Bartholo.

Rossini was born on Feb. 29, 1792, and died on Nov. 13, 1868. Rossini’s leap year Google doodle is the third leap year doodle in Google's history. The previous two doodles were put up in the year 2004 and 2008.

Feb. 29, 2004, Leap Year (Google)

Feb. 29, 2008, Leap Year (Google)