August 4, is IPA Day! The celebration of the unique beer style of India Pale Ale. Photo: Getty

Happy hour is a time that most people look forward to. Whether it’s by the pitcher or by the cup, some of the best drink deals are for beer. If by any chance you need a reason to hit the bar, look no further than IPA Day. Thursday marks the celebration of the unique beer style of India Pale Ale.

If you can find it on tap, by the bottle or by the can, check out these five delicious IPAs.

1. Peekskill Eastern Standard IPA

Alcohol By Volume: 6.7%

This brew pours out a clear golden yellow with a hint of orange and a white head. Loaded with Simcoe and Citra hops followed by a robust malt body, this beer is worth at least a glass of your time.

2. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Alcohol By Volume: 6.9%

This IPA gives drinkers the taste of stone fruits and firm bitterness with subtle hints of British pale and crystal malts. As a year round beverage, you will find a reason to head out to Brooklyn and seek out this brewery for a case of their popular beer.

3. Stone IPA

Alcohol By Volume: 6.9%

With its citrusy, piney hop flavors and aromas, this crisp golden beer offers you a refreshing drink with a subtle malt taste.

4. Goose Island IPA

Alcohol By Volume: 5.9%

This brew is actually easily accessible, can be found at most bars and is known for its flowers power. The ale has a sweet component which isn’t typical in IPA but is surprisingly refreshing.

5. Lagunitas IPA

Alcohol By Volume: 6.2%

This smooth IPA has a bit of a Carmel Malt barley flavor that creates a rich yet mellow taste. When poured, it appears to be a hazy bright orange beverage which carries notes of oranges, honey and tropical fruit with a hoppy finish.

Be sure to tip your bartenders and enjoy IPA Day.