Harley Quinn Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) will make her first movie appearance in “Suicide Squad.” Warner Bros.

Though people are excited to see Jared Leto as the Joker, it’s Harley Quinn who really has “Suicide Squad” audiences on the edge of their seats. The Joker’s girlfriend is making her first big screen appearance in Warner Bros. super villain flick, which follows a team of bad guys who have to team up to take on an even greater threat. If you’re not up to date on her backstory, this is what you need to know about Margot Robbie’s character:

Cartoon Origins — Unlike most of the “Suicide Squad” cast, Harley Quinn wasn’t created for the DC comic books. She first appeared in “Batman: The Animated Series” in 1992. Her popularity led to her inclusion in the comics in 1993.

Psychiatrist — Before choosing a life of crime and mayhem, she was Dr. Harleen Quinn. She was assigned to treat the Joker during a stint at Arkham Asylum.

No Superpowers — Though she’s been through some traumatic things, she just came out a little crazy. Harley has no superpowers, but she is a skilled gymnast and seems to have better stamina than the average person. Though her sanity isn’t really intact, she is still a genius.

An Abusive Relationship — You didn’t think the Joker was Prince Charming, did you? Harley has a highly toxic relationship with her Puddin’ — literally. In the trailer for “Suicide Squad,” the Joker is seen taking his ladylove into a vat of chemicals. It’s the same vat that gave him his odd appearance and is why they’re both unnaturally pale.

Of course, Joker’s mistreatment of Harley goes well beyond a dip in a toxic vat. Whether shooting her off in a rocket when he’s annoyed with her or holding her hostage when she tries to break up with him, he doesn’t treat Harley well.

Other Loves — In more recent years in the comics, Harley Quinn has become less obsessed with the Joker. Joining the Suicide Squad gave her some more independence and she realized she didn’t necessarily need the Joker. She once seduced Deadshot, according to DC Database, and DC Comics recently confirmed that she and Poison Ivy are girlfriends.

Harley Quinn is just one member of the Suicide Squad, though. Check out who she’s working with HERE.

“Suicide Squad” hits theaters Friday.