Harry Caray is among the most impersonated sports announcers in America. Last night, Rangers pitcher Derek Holland shared his own homage to the famously bespecaled game caller with a national audience during coverage of the World Series. Here are five of the best impressions Caray:

Will Ferrell

Any list of Caray impressions has to start with Ferrell. His version of Caray was a frequent guest on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, and has been done on other late night and talk shows as well. His most famous quip was asking people if they would eat various things--notably the moon-- if they were made of ribs.

Derek Holland

Yes, Holland shared his impression with a huge audience Monday night, but he also gave a quick hit of Caray to a Dallas broadcaster after the game. His impression is similar to Ferrell's, but tends to focus more on the actual game of baseball.

John Campanera

Another comedian offers his take on the man.

Ryan Dempster

This Cub's pitcher does right by the man that called the Northsider's games for so long. He frequently plays Caray during Cub's broadcasts.

Random US Soldier

This US serviceman appears to be having fun with a civilian--even if the civilian isn't quite sure what's going on.