Harry Potter Gift Guide
There are plenty of ways to surprise a "Harry Potter" fan during the 2015 holiday season. Pictured: Tourists enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Osaka, Japan. Getty

“Harry Potter” is about to have a big year. With “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” debuting on the West End stage in the summer and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” hitting theaters in November 2016, Potterheads are getting quite excited. Help your favorite “Harry Potter” fan prepare for the year with all the merch they need this holiday season. Check out a few Christmas and Hanukkah gift ideas below:

For The Kids -- There are plenty of “Harry Potter” toys for young readers. If they’re a fan of games, try Trivial Pursuit ($17.44). If they’re more into playing pretend, go for a wand that lights up and makes sounds ($5.99).

For Her -- Most “Harry Potter” gifts work for any gender, but if you’re in need of something made specifically for girls or women, try a Marauder’s map dress ($26.97) or flats ($13.65). Jewelry is also a good choice. A golden snitch necklace ($24.99) or a death eater bracelet set ($7.35) could be just the thing she needs.

For the Humanitarian -- A Wizard Activist sweatshirt ($45) from the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit human rights organization, can keep someone cozy this winter. If your charitable loved one doesn’t really want any material items, make a donation in their name to Lumos, J.K. Rowling’s charity, which helps institutionalized children.

For The Tech Nerd -- Okay, they’ll never have a working wand, but you can buy your loved one plenty of cool “Harry Potter” gadgets. A portable charger ($11.50) or headphones ($8.75) add a little “Potter” flair to their everyday devices.

For The Christmas-Tree Decorator -- Many handmade "Potter" Christmas ornaments are available on Etsy. A small Hogwarts acceptance letter ($10) or a set of ornaments representing the house points ($6.99) would look great on any tree.

For The Over 21 Crowd -- So far, there don’t seem to be any official “Harry Potter” brand wine or beers, but there are plenty of wizard-inspired cups for sale to hold your alcoholic beverages. The Harry Potter Alliance makes a set of four pint glasses ($50) that are perfect for holding your favorite beer, and say things like, “My other beer is a butterbeer.” Wine glasses that say, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” and “Mischief managed” ($28.98) would also be a good choice for anyone who is particularly fond of the words used to open and close the Marauder’s Map. Those who take their liquor on the go might enjoy a polyjuice potion flask ($12.99).

The Traveler -- Even if they aren’t boarding the Hogwarts Express, the spirit of “Harry Potter” can go anywhere. A house-themed passport holder ($24.95), a travel mug ($19) and a Hogwarts backpack ($22.49) can help them feel like a wizard anywhere in the world.