• Harvey Weinstein is back at Riker's island after being hospitalized
  • Harvey Weinstein said he was innocent when he was convicted
  • Coronavirus is unlikely to delay Harvey Weinstein's extradition 

Harvey Weinstein is already back at Rikers Island after he was released and moved to a hospital.

A week after Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment, he was transferred to Bellevue Hospital due to chest pains. The former film producer spent six days there. However, he just got back to Rikers Island.

“Weinstein went back to Rikers yesterday. He was deemed OK to travel and his physical state was better than when he first got to Bellevue,” his spokesman Juda Engelmayer told CNN.

Weinstein had been complaining about chest pain and a spike in his blood pressure. A week before his sentencing, he underwent angioplasty. Engelmayer wasn’t surprised why he was moved to the hospital because he was aware of his condition.

“It’s known that he has a weak heart,” Engelmayer told Variety. “So, right after the sentencing, when he went back to Rikers, he was faint and talking funny, and the staff at Rikers felt it was best to send him back to make sure nothing happened to him. He has heart issues and serious health issues and they wanted to make sure he was okay.”

Weinstein was hospitalized just days before coronavirus fears swept New York City. Engelmayer stressed that Weinstein’s condition was not connected to COVID-19, because the original issue was his heart. When asked if coronavirus could delay Weinstein’s extradition, Engelmayer said that it was unlikely.

“I don’t think coronavirus is going to delay it — just the legal and judicial process will delay it a little bit, but not too much,” he said, before adding, “Allegedly, they’ve already started the process. I haven’t heard it officially, but I think there is a little bit of process in place. He has to first be sentenced to a correctional facility and find a permanent home.”

Weinstein’s lawyer Arthur Aidala said that they were disappointed with the court’s decision. Weinstein reportedly said, “I’m innocent, I’m innocent, I’m innocent,” when he was convicted. Meanwhile, defense lawyer Donna Rutonno said that the fight is not over because they will appeal.

“Harvey is very strong. Harvey is unbelievably strong. He took it like a man,” she added.

Harvey Weinstein faces up to 29 years in prison for two felony convictions
Harvey Weinstein faces up to 29 years in prison for two felony convictions AFP / Angela Weiss