Following her split from the singer Seal, supermodel Heidi Klum reveals that she does not plan to marry again.

Klum opened up about her experiences with marriage in the February issue of Marie Claire magazine and said that after putting a lot of effort into her marriage with Seal, she no longer feels pressure to get married.

"I don't think [I'll get married again], no, no," she told Marie Claire.

"I wanted to keep the memory of our wedding alive every year. That's why I thought it would be fun to get married over and over,” she continued.

“But now I don't think it's that important. I'm not angry about anything, but I don't think I will. Maybe if I'm with someone for 15 or 20 years, and we do it in our old age as a fun thing to do," she explained. "But I don't have the urgency anymore."

She and Seal married in May 2005 and announced their divorce in January 2012. Many expressed shock at the split, and Klum told the magazine she understands why people call her split "devastating," according to Access Hollywood.

"Did I wish for this to happen to my family? No," she said. "But everyone is healthy. We're moving on with our lives. If someone got [very sick] -- God forbid -- that would be a real problem. It's not what I wanted. It's not what anyone wanted. But it's not a real problem."

Klum is currently dating her bodyguard Martin Kirsten, but clearly does not see wedding bells in their future.

She also says she goes not plan to jump on the cougar bandwagon like many other older women, but can appreciate a younger man.

"I can understand why a woman finds a young man attractive, because the truth is that when men get older, their shape changes," she told Marie Claire.

"Younger men train more, and when the clothes come off, it is nice to look at a sexy, ripped body. But I am realistic. I'm turning 40 next year. I don't think I could deal with waking up next to a 25-year-old."