An exciting new motion poster of the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot has been released online. The first trailer of the film will reportedly be released this week, giving fans a first look at the new world and the characters in it.

A teaser poster of the film posted on Facebook shows Hellboy in his Anung Un Rama form. His horns are fully grown, he has a fiery crown, and he appears to be in hell. The teaser doesn’t reveal much apart from the look of the character and the release date of the film.

The wait for the first full trailer will also not be a long one. According to IGN, the fans will get to see the first look video of the reboot this Thursday. Another piece of good news is that the film will also be released in IMAX theaters.

According to the plot synopsis, Hellboy will be caught between the supernatural and the human world. The main villain is a sorceress who is seeking revenge. The film is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, but it is expected to be a much darker version of graphic novels.

From the graphic novels and the previous movies, it is clear that Hellboy’s destiny is to use his right hand to unlock the demons of apocalypse that will bring about the end of the human world. The fully grown horns in the poster and the tagline “demons have demons too” suggest that the film may explore this aspect of the character.

David Harbour will be playing Hellboy in the reboot, taking over from Ron Perlman who played the character in the first two movies. According to Screen Rant, Perlman has said that he will not be playing any other superhero, and it looks like he will not even make a cameo appearance in the upcoming reboot.

According to a previous report by Entertainment Weekly, Guillermo del Toro fought for seven years to cast Perlman in the lead role of the first “Hellboy” movie. Studio executives were reportedly not interested at first. But Perlman eventually got his chance and won a lot of praise for his portrayal of the character in the first two films.

It remains to be seen how the fans will react to Harbour’s portrayal of the character. So far, there is a lot of excitement from the fans after seeing the posters of the film. The reaction to the first trailer this week should be a good indication of whether or not the “Hellboy” reboot will be a hit.