It was recently revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are spending their time on hiatus in Canada, but what they are doing there has still remained a mystery -- until now. Here's what the royal couple has been up to in the North American country. 

While some might expect that the Duke and Duchess would be doing something extravagant and luxurious, as it turns out, they are more normal than that. The two (and their bodyguards) have been spotted at a local restaurant, Deep Cove Chalet, by the owner, Bev Koffel, as reported by Marie Claire.

Koffel also shared with the magazine that Meghan and Harry have been spotted by hikers at the local park and jogging around town as well. 

"Horth Hill’s become a very popular place now. And they jog around, so they’ve been seen," she said. "It’s kind of exciting. I hope everything goes fine for them. They’re breaking away from tradition and I just wish them all the best."

While it was speculated for a while that the parents to 7-month-old Archie Harrison were relaxing on the private Vancouver Island, Buckingham palace confirmed the news in a statement

"As has been reported, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spending private family time in Canada," the statement began. "The decision to base themselves in Canada reflects the importance of this Commonwealth country to them both."

A spokesperson added, "The Duke of Sussex has been a frequent visitor to Canada over many years, and it was also home to The Duchess for seven years before she became a member of the Royal Family. They are enjoying sharing the warmth of the Canadian people and the beauty of the landscape with their young son."

Prince_Harry_and_Meghan_Markle Royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are pictured. Photo: Mark Jones/Licensed