Today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the final episode of Nickelodeon’s “Unfabulous,” which starred Emma Roberts and ran from 2004 to Dec. 16, 2007. The series, which followed the the lives of music-loving teenager Addie (Roberts) and her friends, ended 10 years ago with an hour-long TV movie, “The Best Trip Ever.”

Fellow Nickelodeon shows that ran during the same time as “Unfabulous” were series such as “Drake & Josh,” “Ned’s Declassified,” “Romeo!” and “Zoey 101.” Clearly, it was a great time to be watching Nickelodeon.

Most of these shows wrapped around the same time, making room for a new wave of Nickelodeon programs. While the next selection of shows were amazing, it’s important to celebrate each important era of Nick television, and today, that celebration belongs to one era, and one series, in particular.

“Unfabulous” kicked off Roberts’ career and proved that shows could include music without it having to be a high-class production. The show’s “Unfabulous and More” CD was a hit, and it gave middle schoolers the escape they needed, while also allowing them to realize they’re not alone in their situations of friend fights, first crushes and bullies.

Fans have the far-from-unfabulous cast to greatly thank for all of that, as well as creator Sue Rose. In the 10 years since the show wrapped, the actors and actresses involved have only gone on to prove just how wonderful of a launch show this was. Check out where they are now.

Emma Roberts (Addie)

Nickelodeon was a great starting point for Roberts, who went on to do many teen films, like the underrated “Wild Child” and the fun “Hotel for Dogs,” as well as darker dramas, including “Twelve” and “” These genres barely even begin to sum up all that she’s done since leaving the Nick show behind.

Every year she’s in multiple movies, all different genres, character types and storylines, but all always showing that she’s interesting in trying it all. As for TV, Roberts has starred in almost 30 episodes of “American Horror Story,” as well as two seasons of “Scream Queens.”

Now, she’s working on a slew of movies, including the fantasy “Paradise Hills” and the romcom “Little Italy.”



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Malese Jow (Geena)

Jow is one of those actresses who you’ll see at some point in every single show you watch, and it’s all fans could ever hope for. She’s been in so many great projects, one after another, making it easier after “Unfabulous” ended.

She was on “iCarly,” “Hannah Montana,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Desperate Housewives,” “The Troop,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “CSI: Miami,” “Big Time Rush,” “Castle,” “Star-Crossed,” “The Flash,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” and now “The Shannara Chronicles.”

And those are just the TV shows, as she’s been in quite a few movies as well. She is currently in “Escape Plan 3” with Sylvester Stallone and her film “I Wrote This For You” is in the works.


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Jordan Calloway (Zach)

The actor had a few years between the end of his Nickelodeon series and his next gig, which was a guest spot on the TV show “The Glades” in 2013, but he’s been acting steadily since then. His big reintroduction came in 2014 when he starred in VH1’s “Drumline” sequel with Alexandra Shipp. From there, he was in a couple more TV movies and had a few guest spots before landing a gig on Freeform’s “Beyond” in 2016.

This year, he starred as Zane in the new season of Hulu’s “Freakish,” as well as Chuck on The CW’s “Riverdale.”


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Chelsea Tavares (Cranberry)

Upon finishing “Unfabulous,” Tavares made her way over to another Nickelodeon show, “Just Jordan,” for about a year. After that, she had guest roles on shows like “CSI: Miami,” “The Middle” and “Zeke and Luther” before her film “Fright Night” with the late Anton Yelchin came out towards the end of 2011.

From there, she was in a few episodes of the short-lived Sarah Michelle Gellar series “Ringer” when she landed a role on the much-loved, cult teen gymnastics series “Make It or Break It.” Since ending that series in 2012, Tavares has been showing off her singing chops on YouTube, as well as continuing to act in movies and shows, including her “Royal Family” TV movie series, the Shane Harper dance flick “Dance-Off,” multi-episode arc on “Tycoon” and, most recently, a guest role on “Lethal Weapon.”



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Emma Degerstedt (Maris)

Besides a few TV stints on “The Big Bang Theory” and “Life,” both in 2008, Degerstedt hasn’t done much on-screen acting. Over the last few years, though, she has been studying at UCLA and acting on stage in productions like “The Little Mermaid.”

She’s currently starring in the off-broadway show “Desperate Measures” and often posts photos and videos from behind-the-scenes to her Instagram.


Raja Fenske (Jake)

Oh, Jake Behari, the crush of Addie’s forever and then eventual boyfriend, what a great character and a great portrayal by Fenske. Though the actor hasn’t done too many projects in the years since wrapping the show, he’s been in a few things. He released a film with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2008 called “Days of Wrath,” had a role in 2010’s “Peep World” with Sarah Silverman, and most recently starred in “Pendejo,” a 2013 flick about a rich party boy who’s thrown into the working world.


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Carter Jenkins (Eli)

While he wasn’t in the final episode of the series, and actually ended his stint on the series in 2005, it’s always important to mention Jenkins whenever “Unfabulous” is mentioned, if only just to remind everyone of his fabulous song and dance. Even Jenkins himself agrees.

Now the actor is busy heating up TV screens as Rainer on Freeform’s new series “Famous in Love,” giving fans yet another character of his to love. 



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