as the bell rings cast
“As The Bell Rings” celebrates its 10th anniversary on Aug. 26, 2017. Disney Channel

As the bell hit midnight on Saturday, it officially became 10 years since “As The Bell Rings” premiered on Disney Channel.

Introducing the world to superstar Demi Lovato, “As The Bell Rings” was a Disney Channel short live-action series about a group of students interacting in the school hallways between classes. The network presented the series on Aug. 26, 2007 with two episodes, which was lucky for everyone watching because the second episode gave the first real glimpse of Lovato and co-star Tony Oller’s singing chops.

Their duet “Shadow” should still be at the top of every playlist. Plus, how about a 10th anniversary version of the beautiful song?

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer might not have too much time on her hands to re-record it (one can always dream, though) as she’s gone on to have quite the career after this series, but she’s not the only one.

Take a look at what the cast has been up to since the series premiered!

Demi Lovato (Charlotte Adams)


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When Disney Channel opened its doors to Lovato and gave her the platform she most definitely deserved in the form of “As The Bell Rings,” the world rejoiced. The world continues to rejoice 10 years later. She might have entered the acting realm via Barney in 2002, but with this series she started walking towards the entrance to stardom.

Leaving the short show after one season, Lovato was given what proved to be the role of a lifetime in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock” with the Jonas Brothers in 2008. When this came out, she had officially strutted right through that entrance to stardom and claimed her spot.

People not only got more acting from the star, but they got to truly hear her beautiful voice. One that demanded to be heard. From there, Disney gave her her own hit show, “Sonny With a Chance.” As she continued with the series, she also rightfully released a debut album, music videos and filmed another DCOM, called “Princess Protection Program” with her then-BFF Selena Gomez.

She released a “Camp Rock” sequel in 2010, which was a huge success, and continued with “Sonny” for a few more months after that before leaving to get some personal help.

When she came back, music was her main focus and she returned with the beautiful ballad “Skyscraper,” which re-introduced the starlet as a musical sensation. She’s had a few guest roles on shows and movies since then, but music continues to be her number one priority.

She’s had hit albums, hit songs and hit tours and her latest track, “Sorry Not Sorry,” only proves that she has no plans to slow down. Instead, she’s just ramping up, getting ready to release a new album shortly. In the case of Lovato, the more music we can get the better because there can never be too many track out there with her perfect voice.

Tony Oller (Danny Neilson)


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Oller has had a very interesting career since “As The Bell Rings” ended in 2009. Fans fell in love with him, his character, and his charter with Lovato’s on the series, but that was only the beginning. He starred in TeenNick’s half-hour series “Gigantic” with Grace Gummer, Ryan Rottman and Malcolm Kelly shortly after, in 2010. The fun, Hollywood-centered series sadly only lasted one 18-episode series, but it had a lasting effect. And not just because the show itself stuck with fans.

Music has always been a part of his life and fans got a little taste of it on both his Disney Channel short series and is TeenNick series, but it wasn’t until he joined up with his “Gigantic” co-star Kelly in 2012 to form the group MKTO (from their initals) that fans really understood the range of his musical abilities.

The duo signed to Columbia Records and dropped their first track “Thank You” at the end of 2013, which allowed them to start gaining some recognition. But it wasn’t until their release of “Classic” that year that the whole world really started to listen and pay attention. Their self-title debut album dropped in 2014 and was filled with 11 songs. Each track is unique, but same in its ability to be a hit.

To promote the album, MKTO opened up for Lovato herself on tour in 2014, which meant Oller and Lovato had a Disney reunion night after night.

The band released its “Bad Girls” EP in 2015, which was musically sound, but was unfortunately not well-promoted, even when new songs were premiered in 2016.

Early in 2017, it was announced that MKTO had sadly broken up, but this was mainly due to issues with the record label, according to the singers. Oller has been very vocal on Twitter since about it, saying that he’s been unable to get out of the deal with them which means they aren’t able to release new music as MKTO.

But, Oller is using this as an opportunity to release some solo music before the end of the year.

Carlson Young (Tiffany Blake)


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Getting her start on this show in 2007, Young went on to have a slew of one-episode stints on shows throughout the years before landing her breakout role of Brooke Maddox in MTV’s “Scream: The TV Series” in 2015. Now the actress will be playing the lead in the TV movie “A Man for Every Month,” which is set to debut in November. She’s also working on two short films. She’s very active on social media and is followed by former co-star Oller.

Collin Cole (Skipper Adamson)

This series was Cole’s main acting credit, with him only having a very small role in a film called “Bad Kids Go to Hell” in 2012, four years after acting in this show. He also got a little experience behind the camera in 2012 as a boom operator for “No Way Out,” a video short. He also has a Twitter, but hasn’t used it since 2013, though it does have a profile picture of himself.

Gabriela Rodriguez (Brooke Nichols)

After closing out “As The Bell Rings” in 2008, Rodriguez filmed a movie, a thriller, in 2010, called “The Tenant.” That was her last movie. As for other TV roles, she played the character of Gabi Hernandez on the longtime soap “Days of Our Lives” for 52 episodes from 2009-10 before her role was recast. This was her last IMDb credit for acting.

The star doesn’t have any public Twitter or Instagram accounts, but her Facebook page notes that she lives in Los Angeles and attended USC for a year in 2012 to study theater.

Seth Ginsberg (Thomas “Toejam” James)


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While not as much as some of the others, Ginsberg has continued to act here and there, with a new role every year or two. He had a guest role on an episode of “Workaholics” in 2015, posting a behind-the-scenes photo of him with one of the show’s stars Adam Devine. Now he’s filming a micro-budget drama film, “Shadow of a Gun.”

He’s active on both Instagram and Twitter, with Oller following him on both and Lovato following him on the latter.