• "High on Life" is an FPS glazed with Justin Roiland's signature style of humor
  • The game is set across multiple worlds akin to the universe of "Rick and Morty"
  • "High on Life" will be available on the Xbox Game Pass

Among the many surprises revealed during Summer Game Fest 2022 is “High on Life,” a weird and wacky first-person action shooter with a splash of comedy.

The game doesn’t have just any sense of humor, though. It’s being developed by Squanch Games, which is co-founded by Justin Roiland, one of the main brains behind the hit series “Rick and Morty.”

Fans may even recognize his voice in the opening seconds of the trailer.

As presented in the Xbox showcase, “High on Life” puts players in the boots of a bounty hunter who’s on a mission to take down an alien cartel that’s turning humans into drugs. The premise is as outlandish as “Rick and Morty” itself, but it doesn’t stop there.

Throughout their journey, the players will get to collect an arsenal of talking guns to help bring down the cartel. These sentient weapons come brimming with personality and their own brands of destruction, from simple blasters to a talking knife aptly named “Knifey.” Each of the guns will also have unique special abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

“High on Life” is going to have the same vibes as the interdimensional cable from “Rick and Morty,” as per an Xbox press release.

Players will get to travel to different bizarre worlds filled with even weirder denizens, from enemies to NPCs that can be either hindered or helped. There appears to be a crafting or resource gathering mechanic as well.

The gameplay presented in the trailer showed remarkable polish. The combat looked and felt responsive, and the variety of guns and enemies seemed to be enough to keep things interesting.

However, it’s still too early to tell just how deep “High on Life” goes in terms of gameplay systems and content.

Squanch Games previously released “Trover Saves the Universe,” a similarly odd and bizarre adventure fitted with Roiland’s style of comedy. “Trover’s” writing and overall gameplay painted an optimistic picture for “High on Life.”

Fans will be able to play the new FPS game once it releases on Xbox and PC later this year.

High on Life features aliens, talking guns and more bizarre features
High on Life features aliens, talking guns and more bizarre features Squanch Games