The bespoke black glass bottle filled with 40-year-old single malt whiskey is a pleasure to own, especially if it is a limited edition. It is like belong to a special club. That is what the distillery from Scotland Highland Park is bringing in with its Orcadian Vintage Series - a five-year offering of vintage dated one-off, ultra-aged, single malt whiskey. The series have been inspired by the myths and legends of Orkney in Scotland, and the hinged box features a mythical Sea Dragon from a wood carving found at the church in Urnes, Norway. The motif points towards capture and surrender, a theme strengthened by the taste of this unique whiskey from Highland Park.

Bottled in 1968, the Highland Park 1968 sat aging in eight American and Spanish sherry casks, from which only 1,594 bottles were produced. Out of this number only 100 bottles have been put in the U.S. store and is priced above $2000.

What defines its uniqueness is its color which is rich, and golden hued that is clear and bright. You get a whiff of rich spices. The bouquet is that of opaque honey with notes of lemongrass, sandalwood that bring about a complexity in the palate with an amalgamation of dried orange peel, ginger, cloves and camphor. The sweet flavor is enhanced by a whiff of smoke and black cherry in the lengthy finish.