Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge filed for divorce from husband Corey Bohan. The reality star is pictured attending the Fashion Island’s StyleWeekOC on Sept. 16, 2017 in Newport Beach, California. Getty Images

The baby boom used to be all the rage when it came to discussing the cast of “The Hills,” but it now seems like Audrina Patridge’s divorce is all anyone can talk about. Although the star, who filed for divorce from Corey Bohan last week, has been putting on a strong front, her former co-stars have their own thoughts regarding the end of the Prey Swim designer’s marriage.

On Wednesday, Lo Bosworth told Us Weekly she has not spoken to Patridge for some time. “I don’t [keep in touch with Audrina],” the star admitted.

Despite their lack of communication, the former “Laguna Beach” star hopes that her former friend will make it through her difficult time. “I read about what’s happening and I wish her the best,” she added.

Even though the 30-year-old sent some positive vibes Patridge’s way, their former cast member Spencer Pratt was not thrilled about Bosworth’s response to the divorce.

Lo Bosworth
Lo Bosworth reacted to Audrina Patridge’s divorce news. The reality star is pictured attending the ASPCA After Dark cocktail party on April 20, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images

“Audrina don’t want LO best tho,” he tweeted along with an article spotlighting the star’s well wishes to her former castmate.

While Bosworth may not be on the best terms with Pratt, she still talks to his sister Stephanie, who was also on the MTV reality series.

“I talk to Stephanie [Pratt], she lives in London. But everyone else, we were friends, but I really view those relationships as if they were co-workers, and I’m sure just like you have co-workers that you don’t keep in touch with from 10 years ago, neither do I,” the star told the New York Post.

“But they’re good people, nice people,” she added.

Speaking of kind people, another cast member who shared his opinion about Patridge’s divorce was her ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby Brescia. Although the two have been broken up for years, Brescia admitted that he still cares for his former girlfriend.

Brescia told E! News that he was worried about both Audrina and her daughter, Kirra, after hearing about the divorce. “My first reaction is the thought of the child, obviously. Me, coming from a separated family at a young age, it had its perks and it had its hindrances. My second thought is if she’s O.K. because she’s been a longtime friend,” he explained.

“My thoughts and my heart go out to her and her little one at this time,” he continued.

However, Brescia seemed confident that Patridge would eventually bounce back. “I don’t feel good about it. The baby is so cute and beautiful. Thank God Audrina has such a strong foundation with her family,” he said.

“They just reap family values to the highest degree, is what I’ve learned over the years,” he added.

“She will be fine and the baby will be fine.”

Patridge first filed for divorce on Sept. 20, citing irreconcilable differences. On Sept. 18, she requested a restraining order against Bohan, accusing him of domestic violence and threatening her. “She got the restraining order because she was afraid how he would retaliate when she filed for divorce,” a source told People.

“Corey has said to Audrina multiple times, ‘If you leave me, I’ll come after you.’ So she had to get some additional protection.”

For now, Patridge and Bohan are attempting to be civil with one another for the sake of their child, but it seems like the former couple may be in for a nasty divorce.