It’s been a decade since MTV viewers were introduced to Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and the rest of “The Hills,” and they’re gearing up to return to the network in a major way.

According to MTV News, the network has put together a catch-up special in which Conrad will relive her six seasons on “The Hills.” Previews for the special suggests she’ll highlight some of the most buzzed about moments, including the infamous single black tear — which she recently admitted to Us Weekly was slowed down for “dramatic effect.” Conrad, 30, will spill even more tea during the special about what major scenes were scripted and which were real. No other “The Hills” cast members are shown in previews for “The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now.” Montag did, however, indicate on social media that they had done some filming for the special.

Conrad wrote about appearing in “The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now” on her blog. She told readers that she was “grateful” for the opportunity, though not every moment was what she had expected. Conrad explained that it was not easy to share so many aspects of her personal life with TV viewers, especially fresh out of high school. Still, she called her co-stars “amazing” (surely this does not include Cavallari, who was her enemy on both “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.”), adding that the show’s creators were extremely “talented.”

“We will be having an honest conversation about what it was really like living with cameras for so many years (spoiler alert: it was super weird), sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets, and showing some of my life today,” she wrote.

“The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now” will premiere Tuesday, August 2. The show will kick off at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.