Over the years, we have heard wild claims about Rockstar Games’ “GTA 6.” However, recently, it appears that leaks, which include job listings from the game developer, are beginning to sound more legit. A new post, which seemingly hinted the release or launch date of “GTA 6” is making rounds online, and if this is accurate, we may be able to see the next iteration of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise in summer 2020.

The hip hop group name City Morgue seems to have leaked the launch or release window of “GTA 6.” The Instagram story was posted recently and was picked up by a Reddit user. On his official Instagram account, Roger’s older half-brother, Righteous P, shared an image of what appears to be a screenshot containing Rockstar x City Morgue texts, which suggests a possible collaboration between two parties.

The IG post also tagged Rockstar Games and has a caption of ‘summer 2020.’ One “GTA 6” fan later sent Righteous P a direct message inquiring more details about his post. The hip hop artist confirmed that the image is real and simply replied, ‘soon’ when asked if City Morgue will be on the soundtrack of the game.

One of the well-loved components of the “Grand Theft Auto” series is its soundtrack and is considered as a crucial part of the overall game experience. While there is a great chance that this is likely the case, with the group keeping mum about what exactly it is implying on its post, it is hard to conclude. If the post is indeed indicating a summer 2020 “GTA 6” release date, then fans have less than a year to wait.

The next-generation gaming consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, are releasing sometime in the holiday of 2020, which means “GTA 6” will most likely release in the current generation console, based on the IG post. The IG post could be a launch date or could also be anything else not related to “GTA 6.” Rockstar Games have not yet shared any details about the sixth iteration to the popular “GTA” series.