Holland & Holland, the classic British men's shooting and country clothing label founded in 1835 by Henry Holland, has reintroduced its signature tweeds this season. Under the creative direction of Niels van Rooyan, the brand now funded by the Chanel Group, has returned to the brand's roots by using handwoven, medium-weight, 18-ounce fabric. The designer claims that it is similar to something that was produced in the 16th century and was favored by the founder Henry Holland. Holland popularized a particular caramel-and- beige nail-head tweed as the ultimate men's shooting and country clothing.

But the modern tweed used to create a collection of readymade jackets staring at $1,600 is softer and feels nearly like cashmere. It has also launched complete made-to-order offering of suits starting at $3,000 and sportswear priced from $495 handmade entirely in England. Rooyan is getting 70 percent of the manufacturing done in England to bring back the brand's classic British feel.

To keep the whole branding unique and truly luxurious, Holland & Holland is working with the concept of limited numbers of a certain product. So you will get everything from bathrobes, knitwear, leather goods, home accessories as limited editions. Also to strengthen the brand's shooting heritage, all the pieces make a subtle reference through various design points like jackets emblazoned with gun-cartridge buttons. The neckwear, scarves, and leather goods feature a diamond pattern reminding of the chequering carved into a gun's wood stock.