Product placement has long been a practice by producers of big-screen feature films to earn a little side cash while promoting popular consumer products.

In the last few years, no company has been promoted on the silver screen more than Apple, which according to a report from Brand Channel, had the most overall product placements in Hollywood movies this past year. Of the 33 movies that were ranked number one at the box office in 2010, Apple had product placements in 10 of them or approximately 30 percent.

Nike, Chevrolet and Ford tied for second place, each appearing in 24 percent of the top films. Sony, Dell, Land Rover, and Glock appeared in at least 15 percent of the top films.

Apple's dominant run has lasted for the past decade. Brand Channel's report says its products have appeared in more number one movies in the last 10 years than McDonald's and Nike combined. Only Ford has beaten it out over a 10 year span.

The report does note Apple's dominance has actually waned in the past two years. This past year's numbers fell from 2009, when it had product placement in 44 percent of number one movies. This was down from 2008 when it appeared in nearly half (20 out of 41) of the number one box office movies released.

Brand Channel says the decreasing numbers come from increased competition. For instance, Sony Pictures has nearly eliminated all Apple products from their films and replaced them with Sony products. Instead of seeing Apple MacBook laptops, viewers will see their favorite Hollywood stars using Sony VAIOs.

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