Another star couple calling it quits after eight long years together is the 'Home Alone' star and the 'Black Swan' actress Mila Kunis.

A spokesperson for the couple said: The split was amicable, and they remain close friends.

News reports suggest that the couple split up some months back but kept the news private till the release of the film ‘Black Swan’. Mila was busy promoting the movie and the couple did not want the news to interfere with the publicity of the film.

Macaulay, 30, and 27-year-old Mila have been together for eight years but they were clear about their intentions of not getting married. She was quoted as saying: Not to say that I don't believe in it, but it's just not something that's important to me. But I will have children. I'm too selfish to have them now, but when I do, I don't feel like I need to be married.

Macaulay, shot to fame playing Kevin McCallister in the 'Home Alone' series and was previously married to actress Rachel Miner in 1988 when he was just 18. They split up two years later.