• Apple is expected to release a new HomePod this year
  • A known leaker claims Apple will launch a "mini" version of the HomePod instead of HomePod 2
  • Previous reports also hinted at the new device's arrival

A “mini” version of Apple's HomePod may be coming soon, according to a known leaker.

Apple is set to reveal new devices during its Oct. 13 event, with the iPhone 12, wireless headphones AirPods Studio, tracker AirTags and a new version of the HomePod among those expected to be unveiled. But the Siri-powered smart home speaker, which hasn't been updated since 2017, may not be refreshed and replaced with a newer model. Instead, the company could release a smaller version.

According to a prominent leaker known only as L0vetodream, “there is no HomePod2 this year.” Instead, the leaker claims that Apple will only have a “mini one,” indicating that the Cupertino tech giant will be releasing a smaller HomePod.

Is this true?

L0vetodream's identity might be a big mystery, but the leaker's accuracy when it comes to leaks isn't. According to AppleTrack, a site dedicated to keeping track of leakers who claim this and that about upcoming Apple devices and products, L0vetodream has a “scarily-correct track record” and boasts 88.9% accuracy across 54 leaks.

The leaker's track record, combined with information in previous months, seem to indicate that the claim might be true. Here's a quick look at some things worth noting:

  • A cheaper model?

Reports from last year indicated that Apple, in a bid to get a bigger share of the smart home speaker market, worked on a cheaper HomePod version that featured only two speakers as opposed to the HomePod's seven. This device is expected to be released in 2020.

Since the new device will only have two speakers, it simply makes sense that it will come in a body that's smaller than the current HomePod.

  • Inventory sale?

Earlier this year, Apple started allowing its employees to buy up to 10 HomePods at a 50% discount, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported. The company previously limited its employees to two HomePods each. The move suggested that the Cupertino tech giant is trying to clear out its inventory for a new device. This new device could be the cheaper model Apple worked on.

Of course, fans should take all the leaks and rumors with a grain of salt and wait for the Apple event next week. If the rumors are true, fans will likely see the new HomePod Mini there.

Apple HomePod
The Apple HomePod is displayed at an Apple Store on Feb. 9, 2018 in San Francisco, California. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan