Thousands of Hong Kong protesters rallied as things turned violent Monday as hoards of people tried to storm the government headquarters, Agence France-Presse reported. Occupy Central protestors used goggles and umbrellas, the symbol of their movement, to shield themselves but police responded by allegedly hitting members of the crowd with batons and dousing them with pepper spray.

Some of the most severe violence took place Monday, the BBC reported. It was unclear how many people were injured. Officers were taken away in ambulances and some demonstrators were treated with first-aid kits, CNN said.

Demonstrations have been ongoing for two months. Occupy Central participants want a democratic government. Though it was calm for weeks, things ignited again Monday after China said British lawmakers would not be allowed to visit Hong Kong.

Police detained 40 people in Admiralty, the biggest site for pro-democracy activists in China, early Monday, the New York Times wrote. Protesters said the government does not feel pressured to make sure voters get an authentic voice in upcoming elections. “This escalation shows that Hong Kong people can’t wait anymore,” Oscar Lai told the Times.

“Surround the headquarters. Paralyze the government,” protesters yelled, according to the AFP. “I want true democracy!”

After police took down some of the barricades and tents at the protest site, things reportedly wound down, CNN reported. The Central Government Office closed Monday after activists blocked the streets.

Twitter users flocked to the social media site to share pictures from Monday's ordeal. Some of their posts have been listed below:

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