house of cards season 4 spoilers
Colm Feore, pictured at the premiere of "King Lear" on Feb. 16, 2015 in New York City, has been added to the Season 4 cast of "House of Cards." Getty Images

“House of Cards” might not be returning to the small screen until 2016, but fans of the original Netflix series are already receiving intel on the upcoming installment to get them excited for Season 4 of the Beau Wilimon political drama. According to reports, Colm Feore, who has landed roles in “The Chronicles of Riddick” and “Thor,” has been cast to star opposite Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright on the award-winning series.

Deadline announced the exciting news, confirming that Feore will take on the recurring role of a “high-profile” character in the fourth installment. Does this mean Frank (Spacey) and Feore’s character will butt heads in the forthcoming drama? It seems safe to say considering the President of the United States has a hard time getting along with other major political figures.

In fact, TVLine revealed in June that the Underwoods would be facing a new rival in the new episodes. Could their Season 4 foe be whichever character Feore takes on? Although that seems like a plausible storyline, it was teased that the couple’s new enemy would be a younger version of Frank who just so happens to sport a British accent.

But Feore isn’t the only one headed to Washington. Entertainment Weekly dished in June that “Scream” star Neve Campbell had been cast in Season 4 of the nail-biting series. The actress is reportedly already filming for the new season of “House of Cards.”

Although Campbell’s role is being kept under wraps, it was teased by Deadline that the actress would portray the romantic partner of the (previously mentioned) villainous Brit who will be shaking things up for the Underwoods. (As if things weren’t already complicated enough for the power couple.)

According to the showrunner, not only will the twosome face new opponents, but Frank and Claire’s marriage will continue to deteriorate in Season 4 of the series.

"A lot of the strength of the show is based on the strength of that marriage. But as soon as we began to explore that, we realized there was no turning back," creator Beau Willimon told the Hollywood Reporter following the release of Season 3. "We also realized we'd laid the groundwork in the previous two seasons for this conflict between Francis and Claire, and the more we began exploring it, the more inevitable it became. And the more exciting it was for us to travel that emotional terrain."

In April 2015 Netflix renewed “House of Cards” for a Season 4, which is set to premiere in 2016.