Bruno Mars’ 12-minute Super Bowl XLVIII halftime performance might have been the most interesting thing to happen at the 48th NFL championship event — you know, besides Joe Namath’s fur coat. So while the Seattle Seahawks decided to take a break from whipping Denver around with a score of 22-0 at halftime, the 28-year-old Grammy winner took to the stage to help Bronco fans forget the cringeworthy blowout. For a little while, anyway.

And according to Twitter, Mars not only gave the orange-clad game attendees something to smile about but also had many of the nearly 100 million viewers at home up on their feet and grooving to his high-energy act. Opening with his hit single “Locked Out of Heaven,” the bouffant-sporting star shimmied around the MetLife Stadium stage in a glittery blazer, electrifying the crowd. And as the halftime-show performer wowed fans with his undeniably outrageous vocals — and seriously cool drum skills — his band, in matching ensembles, added even more excitement.

Bruno Mars 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Performance Did you check out Bruno Mars' 2014 Super Bowl halftime performance? Photo: Reuters

Following Bruno & Co.'s performance, the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on as Bruno’s special guests, setting fans’ heart rates racing with their hyper hit “Give It Away.”

But if we had to pick the best part of the halftime show, it would hands-down have to be the James Brown fast-footed dance moves Mars referenced throughout his song “Runaway Baby.” The snazzy footwork became one of the biggest Twitter topics of the night — and for good reason! It was utterly mesmerizing.

So how did Bruno learn to move like the Godfather of Soul himself? Two words: Pauly Shore. OK, so maybe the comedian didn’t exactly teach the crooner how to bust it loose, but Shore gave Bruno his first big break on camera — and get this: He was only 4 years old!

In 1989, the goofy, curly-haired actor was interviewing Bruno for being the “world’s youngest Elvis impersonator.” And we have to admit, we were completely smitten by the little tot who was already rocking his iconic pompadour! During the strange interview, Bruno showed Shore just why folks compare him to the gyrating legend. With a raised lip and some fancy foot moves, the little tike stole the spotlight as he squirmed around on camera.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 

Seriously, it’s like we’re watching the Super Bowl halftime all over again! Minus the shirtless rockers.