“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 finally finished the puzzle of Sam’s (Tom Verica) murder -- but audiences still have plenty of questions. Each person who knows about Sam’s murder has major secrets now, and they might not be able to hide forever. One of the loose ends from episode 9 was Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) engagement ring. She realized it was gone on murder night after they burned Sam’s body and never found it. “How To Get Away With Murder” will have to deal with the lost ring when the show returns from winter hiatus in January, Entertainment Weekly reports.

“The whole night comes to bite her in the a-- and it’s going to have definite personal fallout for her that we’ll see,” showrunner Peter Nowalk said.

That “personal fallout” likely relates to her lost ring. If her ring is found at the house, her alibi could fall through. A campus police officer saw the students at the Keating house during the bonfire. Michaela can’t say that she was never there, despite the bonfire pictures on social media. If her ring has any of Sam’s DNA on it, she’ll be in major trouble. She could become a suspect in his case.

Even if the ring isn’t found by authorities, Michaela still has to tell her fiancé Aiden (Elliot Knight) she lost the diamond ring. Perhaps she should tell her fiancé she lost the ring when she tells him she finally signed the prenuptial agreement. It wasn’t a coincidence she changed her mind and signed the papers when everything started falling apart. It seems Michaela will do whatever she can to keep Aiden in her life.

“She’s not petty,” King told the Wall Street Journal. “She’s thinking about the overall scheme of things for her life. She’s not focused on other people and more on what she needs to accomplish. We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg.”

Michaela realized if she wanted to marry Aiden, she would have to get over her issues with the prenuptial agreement. Nowalk explained the murder put things into perspective for her. “Is the idea of signing a prenup that bad when maybe you could lose it all and go to jail for the rest of your life? No,” Nowalk said. “We all crave drama in our lives, but nothing seems like that big of a deal anymore. You just have to cling to what makes you feel safe and you’ll do whatever you can to do that.”

It seems that Michaela gave Aiden's family what they wanted. Still, the ring could ruin everything for Michaela -- but will it? Take the poll:

“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 returns to ABC on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. EST.