Bitcoin belongs to the growing niche of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin was a new term to most people ten years ago, many investors are talking about it today. That’s because the value of this virtual currency has continued to increase since its launch. The rapidly rising importance of this cryptocurrency has prompted many people to desire to own it. But how do you get Bitcoin? Well, people get Bitcoin in the following ways.

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Among the most prominent and simplest ways to get Bitcoin is accepting payments in this virtual currency. Perhaps, you’ve seen local stores and online outlets with a Bitcoin symbol. That means such establishments accept Bitcoin.

If you run a local business or an online store, you can also accept Bitcoin payments. You can also offer services to receive Bitcoin payments. For instance, some websites require people to complete tasks like testing their services, completing surveys, and retweeting posts to accept Bitcoin payments.

Some sites require people to answer questions correctly to get Bitcoin as a reward. Essentially, the internet is awash with sites that pay people with Bitcoin for completing odd tasks. Offering services or selling goods and receiving Bitcoin payment is a straightforward way of getting this virtual currency. That’s because you can determine the fee or price for the service or product in Bitcoin and then receive the payment.

The client or customer will send the agreed Bitcoin amount into your digital wallet once they receive their product or service.

Buying Bitcoin via a Crypto Exchange

You can also get Bitcoin by placing an order at a crypto exchange. You can find a wide range of crypto exchanges that allow you to purchase Bitcoin using fiat money. Such platforms require you to link the account you open with them to your bank account. That way, you can pay for the Bitcoin you purchase using funds from your bank account.

While you can find many cryptocurrency exchanges online, research them before deciding on the one to use. Perhaps, you can visit the sites like bitcoin era to know more about bitcoin trading. This site features reviews of different crypto exchanges with information about their functionalities and features. Thus, you can use the reviews to decide on the cryptocurrency exchange to use.

Also, please pay attention to the payment methods that a crypto exchange accepts and their fees. Some platforms accept PayPal and other electronic payment methods. Also, the price that one crypto exchange charges can vary from what the others charge.  

Buying Bitcoin from another Person

You can also purchase Bitcoin from another person that wants to sell it. However, this is a less anonymous and private option. That’s because you may have to meet the seller in person and pay in cash. Usually, most people consider this option risky, especially when the transaction involves a high amount of fiat money. Thus, some experts recommend trying other ways of getting Bitcoin before trying direct purchase from another person.


Bitcoin mining is the last method of getting this virtual currency. Mining Bitcoin entails validating the transactions that people complete using this cryptocurrency. Ideally, mining Bitcoin requires specialized hardware and software, as well as electricity to mine Bitcoin. However, this approach might not appeal to most people because it requires special skills and investing a significant amount of money. What’s more, you’re not guaranteed to recoup the amount you invest in Bitcoin mining from your reward.

Final Thoughts

People from different places are increasingly embracing Bitcoin as a payment method. And you can get Bitcoin in many ways. However, use legit and safe methods to get Bitcoin because every transaction will most likely involve parting with your hard-earned fiat money, either directly or indirectly.