Now in its last season, CBS's “How I Met Your Mother” has been tugging at our heartstrings since 2005. And, for the past eight years, we’ve listened to Ted Mosby’s drawn out story to his kids about how he met the love of his life: their mother

Finally, after countless slaps, several MacLaren brews and one yellow umbrella, The Mother was finally revealed to fans of “HIMYM.” And we have to admit, Cristina Milioti, the women who plays Ted’s future wife, is more than we ever expected. It’s true, we pretty much adore this Jersey girl -- and we’re not the only ones. It’s easy to see why Josh Radnor’s romantic character fell smitten with actress/singer.

And it’s not just because Milioti is a Broadway fox! The 28-year-old darling is also a gas. During the brunette beauty’s interview with Vulture, Milioti had us chuckling with every quip, from her first crush (e-hem, Jim Carrey) to her creepy, “sexy-Baby voice” on “30 Rock.”

But out of all the things that make Milioti adorable, it was her comparison to The Mother that had us weak in the knees.

While being heckled regarding going back for the iconic yellow umbrella, Milioti explained that she didn’t think the scene was out of the ordinary for New Yorkers. “I’ve never been able to keep track of an umbrella, but then my dad gave me this fancy umbrella. It was in his car and I had again lost some awful Duane Reade disaster umbrella. It was my first adult umbrella that wasn’t from a drugstore and I have left it all over New York and every time I went back to get it,” Milioti said, adding her friends think it’s hysterical how similar the actress is to her character.

“My friends always make fun of me because I had loaned it to a few people — you ever see that Kids in the Hall sketch? You know that show?” she asked. “Remember when Bruce McCulloch lends out that pen and he spends the whole episode chasing the pen down? It was like that. I would lend it to someone and the next day I would call them and be like, ‘So where can I meet you to pick up my umbrella?’ I still have it.”

Ted, this girls a keeper!

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