WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT read if you have not watched the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Only 51 hours remain on the clock until Barney and Robin tie the knot … and the gang is falling apart. Secrets were exposed in episode 4 of “How I Met Your Mother,” and it was revealed that both Barney and Robin are not too pleased with their Best Man and Maid of Honor. Why? We’re breaking it down in the top five funniest moments of “The Broken Code”:

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THAT Bottle Of Scotch

Remember that beloved bottle of scotch that Ted was carrying on about in episode 3? Well, he dropped it when Barney confronted him about the Robin carousel incident.

Barney told Ted he wasn’t mad about him comforting Robin … and Ted burst into tears. But the tears weren’t because he felt terrible about being a bad friend. He was crying because he dropped the $600 bottle of scotch. And while Barney initially scoffed at Ted for the tears, he eventually shed some when he learned that the $600 bottle was gone.

The Bro Code Book

Although Barney told Ted there were no hard feelings for the carousel incident, he wasn’t being completely truthful. To get revenge, Barney sent Ted on a wild goose chase to take care of terrible tasks – like rewriting 200 name cards in calligraphy, switching hotel rooms, housing a dozen doves, and massaging the feet of an old woman who turned out not to be Barney’s relative.

The final straw for Ted was when he discovered that Barney was going forward with the Best Man poker game without him … and replacing him with “Karate Kid” Billy Zabka.

To settle things once and for all, Barney said they must turn to the Bro Code … which has not only replaced the Gideon Bible in some hotels, but also replaced the safety booklet on some flights.

Robin’s Bachelorette Party

While Barney is upset with his Best Man, Robin reveals to Lily that she’s upset with her over the bachelorette party. A flashback shows that Robin’s bachelorette party was just her and Lily sitting alone in MacLaren’s (with a surprise appearance by Patrice … whom Lily swears she didn’t invite).

Robin thinks Lily forgot to send the invite out to all her girlfriends, but Lily drops a bomb on the bride-to-be – She has NO girlfriends except Lily. Turns out that Robin had given her Maid of Honor an invite list that included names like: average girl at that place, girl at work, etc.

Making Friends

With Lily set to move to Rome for a year, she quickly realizes that Robin is going to have no girlfriends while she’s gone. Worried about what Robin will do during their Saturday morning brunch/gossip fest, Lily forces Robin to try to make new girlfriends.

As suspected, it doesn’t go well. After offending a woman’s daughter and hating on another woman for her bangs, Lily pulls a page from Barney’s playbook – approach the woman crying at the bar.

Robin tries to give the crying woman a hug, but the woman turns around and berates her, explaining that she’s crying because the New York Rangers just lost to the Boston Bruins. The pair bond over hockey and Lily is happy … until she lets her imagination run wild.

Thinking that this new woman will replace her as Robin’s best friend, Lily threatens the woman when Robin leaves the room. But Lily pounced too quickly because Robin was still behind her. Fortunately Robin wasn’t mad and told Lily that she’s the only girlfriend she needs.

The Best Poker Game

Ted and Barney finally smoothed things over and Ted was invited back into the best poker game ever. The group playing consisted of Ranjit, Tim Gunn (who is Barney’s personal tailor), a face-timing pillow dressed up as Marshall, “Karate Kid” Billy Zabka, and of course, Ted and Barney.

The game comes down to Ranjit and Marshall with Marshall coming out the winner. But the game also ended with a new feud – Billy Zabka vs. Ted.

With Ted now on good terms with Barney again, Zabka is none too pleased with having his Best Man visor and duties revoked. The “Karate Kid” villain vows, “I’m coming for you, Ted Mosby.”

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