"How I Met Your Mother"
Actress Cristin Milioti was revealed to be "the Mother" in the season 8 finale of "How I Met Your Mother." CBS/How I Met Your Mother

It’s finally here -- “How I Met Your Mother” premieres its ninth and final season on CBS on Monday, Sept. 23. Unfortunately you don’t have enough time to catch up on all eight seasons of the show, but we’re here to help you remember what happened in the season 8 finale, “Something New.”

Ted’s Plan

Even with Barney and Robin’s wedding approaching, Ted still can’t get Robin out of his heart. Instead of ruining his friendship with both Barney and Robin, Ted decides to see his dream house and move to Chicago. The twist is that the only person who knows his plans is Lily … and she’s sworn to secrecy.

Marshall’s Call

Marshall is away in Minnesota with Marvin to visit his mother when he gets a phone call that could change his life – he’s offered his dream job as a judge. The only issue is that the job starts in one week … and he’s supposed to be moving to Rome with Lily for her dream job. The finale ends with Marshall holding onto his news and not telling Lily.

The Locket Mystery

You may or may not remember that Robin wanted to get married with a locket that she buried in a park when she was younger. The problem is that when she went to go dig it back up she couldn’t find it. Lily revealed in the season finale that in a drunken stupor one night Robin dug up the locket and put it for safe keeping in Ted’s apartment. With the locket in Ted’s hands now, he plans on giving it to Robin as a wedding gift. However Lily doesn’t think that’s the best plan and tells him to “be careful.”

The Mother Revealed

In the season 8 finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” viewers FINALLY met the woman that Ted has been talking about for all these years. Unfortunately we didn’t get too much info on her. She (Cristin Milioti) can be found in the last few minutes of “Something New” as she walks toward the ticket booth at the train station. The episode ends with her stepping up to buy a ticket, saying, “Hi. One ticket to Farhampton, please.”

The ninth and final season of “How I Met Your Mother” will air on CBS on Monday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. A special hourlong episode, fans will be treated to special appearances by Sherri Shepherd and Wayne Brady. Click HERE to read a synopsis for episode 1, “The Locket,” and the following episode, “Coming Back.”