Less than a month remains until the ninth and final season of "How I Met Your Mother" airs! After teasing fans about Ted Mosby’s mysterious future wife, the hit CBS series is finally ready to tell the story of how he met his wife … over the course of a VERY long wedding weekend.

“How I Met Your Mother” will premiere season 9 on Monday, Sep. 23 at 8 p.m. with a special hour-long episode – and fans don’t have to wait to find out what will happen! The synopsis for episode 1, “The Locket,” and episode 2, “Coming Back,” have leaked online.

So, what can fans expect in the special episode? Lots of laughs!

In episode 1, “The Locket,” the crew will be on their way to Long Island for Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend. And in usual “How I Met Your Mother” fashion, something will end up disrupting their whole trip. For Robin and Barney, their ride is affected when they “come across a startling family discovery.”

As for the others --- Lily will be confronting Ted about his feelings for Robin and finally letting the bride to one of his best friends go. Marshall will end up in a different confrontation when he “sees something online that changes the course of his entire journey back east.” The result will be going head-to-head with a woman named Daphne (guest star Sherri Shepherd) who is on the same flight as him.

In episode 2, “Coming Back,” Barney’s brother, James (Wayne Brady), reveals some jaw dropping news … he’s getting a divorce. The news immediately has Robin worried about how her future husband will tale the news.

Meanwhile Ted will be his usual Ted self and dealing with being alone at a romantic hotel, and Marshall will find himself racing to get to New York in time for the wedding.

Besides guest stars Sherri Shepherd and Wayne Brady, the episode will also feature “Desperate Housewives” star Roger Bart.”

Catch “How I Met Your Mother” when it premieres on CBS on Monday, Sep. 23 at 8 p.m. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.