No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a freshly made batch of guacamole, a dip first popularized by 16th-century Aztecs in Mexico. Whether you want to go with a traditional approach or something more exotic, it’s important not to forget this basic Mexican dish.

Of course, the basis of any good guacamole dish are the avocados. Guacamole makers should begin by cleaning the avocados under running water to remove any dirt or bacteria from the outer skin. Then, slice each avocados in half by placing it lengthwise on a hard surface. With one hand, apply pressure to the avocado, and with the other hand, slowly cut the avocado open horizontally, starting with the narrower end. Remove the seeds with a spoon.

Typical guacamole dips consist of avocados, chiles, onions, tomatoes and salt, but there’s always room for creativity. Here are five guacamole recipes to get the party going.

The perfect traditional recipe. The authentic Mexican guacamole dish consists of only a few ingredients. This recipe has all the basics -- avocados, cilantro, limes, onions, tomatoes -- and nothing else. Serve with tortilla chips.

Guacamole that goes the extra mile. Looking for something with a little extra kick to it? This Food Network recipe is as easy to make as it is delicious. Cayenne, cumin and garlic make this avocado dip a fiesta all on its own.

Kale guacamole. For a particularly healthy take on guacamole, check out this recipe by Making Thyme For Health. This dish works best with a food processor.

Bacon and yogurt guacamole. Sound like a strange combination? It’s actually the perfect blend of sweet and salty: Here’s the recipe.

Grilled guacamole with parmesan and basil. That’s right, fire up the barbecue for this guacamole recipe. The parmesan cheese gives it a nice bite.