Princess Diana and Meghan Markle couldn’t be more different from one another. But if there’s one thing that they share, it would be their passion for promoting the charities close to their hearts.

During an interview with Daily Mail, royal biographer Andrew Morton talked about the two female royals and said that the Duchess of Sussex is able to do one thing that the Princess of Wales was only starting to do before she passed away.

“Meghan seems to have built up her own court of mainly American acolytes and celebrities in a way Diana was only beginning to do before she died. In the months after her divorce, she was building up an American court with Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, and the billionaire philanthropist Teddy Forstmann… She even had Donald Trump sending her flowers, and his people even asked me if they could secure the services of her butler Paul Burrell,” he said.

When Princess Diana was still alive, she didn’t have as much chance to surround herself with her British acolytes and celebrities. After all, there were too many restrictions regarding her status as a royal and a future Queen.

Meanwhile, Morton also talked about Princess Diana and Markle’s possible relationship if only they had the chance to meet each other in person. She said that the two women would’ve gotten along like a house on fire.

“I think Diana and Meghan would have got on like a house on fire because she’d have seen in Meghan somebody, she aspired to be herself, someone who was an articulate activist on the world stage. And she’d have been thinking, ‘I wish there’d been social media when I was around,” he said.

When Princess Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, social media didn’t exist yet. And as such, Markle is lucky to be able to reach all of her supporters with just a single post on Instagram.

princess diana Britain's Princess of Wales arrives at her London health club. Photo: Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images)