Princess Diana may have helped Meghan Markle in a number of ways if only she were still alive.

While speaking with Daily Mail, Prince Charles’ former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, also said that the Princess of Wales would most likely get on well with her daughter-in-law. After all, they both have a unique past and they also came from a dysfunctional family.

“She’s been married before and worked in a business that’s pretty fickle, so Diana would have put her at ease and told her not to take any notice, that she’d had the media all her life,” he said.

The royal expert added that Princess Diana would have helped the Duchess of Sussex because she has a unique way of dealing with the public and the press. Markle came from the entertainment industry, but it seems that she’s struggling with her relationship with the media.

Princess Diana didn’t come from the same background, but she immediately captivated the hearts of the royal fans and royal experts. In fact, she also received the moniker of People’s Princess because the public saw her as such.

However, another royal expert doesn’t share Arbiter’s thoughts. Lady Colin Campbell recently told Woman magazine that she thinks Princess Diana wouldn't have liked Prince Harry’s wife.

“Diana would be appalled; she had enough nous to know when to put on a show. She was very aware of how important it was to be gracious, while Meghan – and Harry to an extent – trot out the charm when it suits them, but otherwise are graceless… Her behavior shows a lack of understanding and appreciation of what being royal is,” she said.

And last month, royal expert Ingrid Seward told Daily Mail that Princess Diana wouldn’t approve of Markle for Prince Harry. After all, it seems that the “Suits” alum has been controlling the Duke of Sussex ever since they tied the knot.

Princess Diana Britain’s Princess Diana arrives on Oct. 4, 1990 for a charity gala at the Departmental Auditorium in Washington. Photo: Kevin Larkin/AFP/Getty Images