As Apple debuted the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Wednesday, the tech giant quietly raised the prices on several of its key products in the United Kingdom. Consumers in the U.K. can also expect to pay more when it comes to getting their hands on the latest iPhone after the recent Brexit vote to leave the European Union, Financial Times reported Thursday.

The big unveil of the smartphone's latest features and the Apple Watch Series 2 Wednesday during an event in San Francisco saw the company’s U.K. store raise prices on products such as iPads and accessories, Engadget reported Thursday. The smaller iPad Pro was previously available in the U.K. for £499 ($664 USD). The device now sells for £549 ($730 USD). 

The U.K. price increase is a reflection of Apple reviewing their prices and adjusting product costs according to the depreciation of the pound in order to keep its global business running successfully, according to media reports.

Apple announced Wednesday that despite the storage increase from 16GB to 32GB in the iPhone 7, the device would go on sale for the same price as the iPhone 6s upon its initial release. But that's not the case in the U.K., where customers will need to fork over £819 ($1,091 USD) for the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 6s Plus sells for £789 ($1,051 USD).

U.K. customers do catch a price break when it comes to one of the latest iPhone 7 accessories. AirPods will sell in the U.S. for $159, but will be sold in the U.K. for £159 ($119 USD).

Apple seems to be following the lead of other device manufacturers like OnePlus, HTC and Vive. All companies have adjusted the prices to their flagship mobile devices in the wake of the June 23 Brexit vote that surprised financial markets across the globe and could inspire more European nations to leave the European Union.