Queen Elizabeth II may have just paid tribute to Meghan Markle while she was out with Kate Middleton.

On Tuesday, Her Majesty visited the Duchess of Cambridge’s flower show in Chelsea and was photographed in an all-green ensemble. The attire that the monarch used during her recent outing is the exact same outfit she wore at Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding on May 19, 2018.

The Queen’s coat was designed by Stuart Parvin, and she paired it with her pearl necklace and brooch. The 93-year-old monarch was also seen smiling from ear to ear while walking around the garden.

When Her Majesty arrived at the flower show, she couldn’t help but tell Prince William and Middleton that they are both looking tidy. The Duke of Cambridge gave his grandmother a cheeky response and said, “Well, I’ve smartened up.”

Prince William wore his usual suit and tie for the occasion, while Middleton donned an expensive Sheba floral cotton silk gown from British Canadian designer Erdem.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Markle reportedly share a special bond with each other. After Prince Harry introduced the two in 2017, Her Majesty quickly realized how Markle was willing to give up everything she had going on in her life just so she could be with her grandson.

But despite their close relationship, there have also been claims that the monarch is worried that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage won’t last. This is because the royal couple decided to tie the knot in May, which is a month that is not ideal for marriages.

The Queen’s younger sister, Princess Margaret wed Antony Armstrong-Jones on May 9, 1960, but they divorced in 1976. The tradition of avoiding the month of May for weddings dates back to Victorian times and during the spread of Christianity.

Since the pagan festival of Beltane began in May, Christians saw to it that they would distance their wedding celebrations from that time to avoid direct associations.